Prioritize Assignments
Most students complain that they don’t get enough time to complete their assignments and projects. Others complain about difficulty in time management. Some students blame lack of time for their low grades. Somehow it is true that when the semester reaches towards the end students are mostly overburdened with assignments, quizzes and final projects. But at the same time you will also notice the group of students who are not even worried and stressed about any of the pending tasks and projects. Probably there may be two reasons behind it. Either they hire assignment writing services to work on their assignments or they have the abilities to manage time and prioritize assignments and projects. But don't worry if you are not able to manage time or prioritize the work. It is not rocket science at all. One can easily learn and develop these skills and abilities. Here are some of the tips for organizing, managing and prioritizing your assignments.

Prioritize Things Rightly:
First of all you need to understand that you can’t do everything at the same time, rather you can give proper and enough time to the most important thing first. Students think that teachers have overburdened them and the amount of tasks they are assigned is incompatible with the time limit at all. This is a misunderstanding of the students. The course of a certain subject or degree is always designed according to the available time and degree level. Similarly every assignment is designed by keeping in mind time required for its completion. So from now onwards I don't think that the provided deadline is not enough at all.

Basically you have to start working on each assignment from the day one when it is assigned so that you may be able to complete it before time. When you think that assigned time is not enough it means you don’t have developed the right hierarchy of priorities. When you are distributing time and setting your own deadlines for tasks and assignments you need to give preference to the most important task first, let’s say assignment of Cost Account which you have to submit on coming Monday. You need to put all less important activities at the end like socializing, your part-time job, finale of football at your community center, or some other leisure activity, because at this stage studies should be the most important and main thing for you.

Right Time to Take Help:
Although assignments are given for testing your knowledge, it is not wrong to take help from someone when you are stuck at a problem which you can’t solve on your own. Sometimes when students get stuck at a difficult point in an assignment they lose enthusiasm and leave it as it is until the deadline approaches or some other students spend time to solve it by themselves without any help but this disproportionately takes longer time as compared to the importance of the assigned task. But taking help from others in a difficult part of an assignment not only gives you guidance but also saves your time and you can use the same time for completing some other tasks. 

Breaking up the Tasks into Sub-Tasks:
Studies have shown that students lose effectiveness when a bigger task is assigned to them. The best way is to divide the work into smaller parts or sub-tasks and set a deadline for each task. Start working from the most basic task and work on one task at one time. Most importantly you should remain realistic in setting deadlines for each task.

Develop a Habit of Using Every Minute of Spare Time:
Students mostly have much more time on their hands than they think they do. And mostly they waste a significant portion of time on numerous slight interludes and unnecessary waiting. This can be avoided by having a proper plan agenda before starting to work any task. Your study table and libraries are not the only place to do your assignment; you can work on your assignment at any place like you can do searching of relevant data or examples on a bus, or you can listen to audio material while waiting for a bus on bus stop, you can also watch on relevant documentary during your lunch time.

You always have plenty of time to work on your assignments and quizzes, you just need to figure out the ways of using your time most appropriately by prioritizing the tasks on the basis of their importance and time deadline. So next time when you start working on your assignments, develop a proper and useful plan and prioritize your things by keeping in mind the tips discussed above.