Why Most Of The Students Hate College

Why Students Hate College
It’s a common proverb “grass on the other side is greener” that is well settled on student’s life. When they are kids of school either primary, secondary or higher they think that life after this will be easier, but when they reach college all their expectations burst like a balloon. Initial days of college are fun and students are over excited for them some students face problems from the 1st day of college but as time passes students face some of the majors problems as described here by a dissertation writing service and they start hating their college life.

Waking Up In The Morning:
“Mornings sleep is more than any addiction”. The worst thing of youth is when someone has to sacrifice his sleep this is because when they are school going their parents specially mothers are responsible for their time routine, their uniform, stationary, school vans and all these type of things. But after schools parents also expects from them to be punctual and to do their works themselves. In most of the cases students have to live in hostels near colleges for best reach, where they miss their pampered routines a lot. They need to set alarm for themselves, do laundry, facilitate their roommates and moreover iron their uniforms which they hate a lot.

Pocket Money / Expenses:
Another thing that students from college hate a lot is limited amount of money on which they need to relay. In college students has to purchase notes, written works, practical essential which they really don’t like. If we talk about a pupil living in hostel they need to suffer a lot in case of tough budget. He has to meet all his small requirements in very low budget as he cannot get pocket money again and again. As school going students really don’t have any type of worry like this.

Running For Lectures:
When we are school going teacher comes to us for explanations and lectures, he/she make us study and learn which we don’t like. But when one go to the college he has to run after the teachers and study material (then he realize the significance of school teacher). Running for lectures, classes and material make the students stubborn towards studies.

Decision making is the most essential thing which a pupil needs to do wisely. But the age of college students are so sensitive that they even feel unsure about the selection of their major subjects, sometimes influence of friends make them doubtful, sometimes they switch their fields just because of liking and disliking of respective teachers. After making wrong decisions they soon realize how wrong they were and then they start hating themselves for this as well.

Critic Environment:
College life is full of criticism. Students face rude behaviors from teachers and fellows as well. They get insulted by teachers for very small issues, fellows from well-off families look down towards those who are from moderate or lower class families which create a wall of discrimination among pupils and undoubtedly the student from lower class family hates this.

Boring Teachers:
After leaving school life students are in search of good and fear free environment, but most of the college teachers are boring and of old ages who cannot fulfill their expectations of a friendly class environment. Normally good schools are always have open arms for their students for developing their party mood but unfortunately colleges merely has these type of activities which make college life so boring.

Social Circles:
After entering into youth, college students tend to increase their social activities and friends circles. They get involved in them so much and then they start ignoring studies. Fortunate ones have a good company but in most of the cases students feel attraction towards bad habits. These things lower down their health and personalities; they also lose their stability in the eyes of parents. They get mentally disturbed and start blaming college life for its condition. Everything has its good and bad aspects, but people who say after school ‘life is easy’, they are lying. College life is all about taking responsibilities, making yourself mature, facing rude behaviors and most of the time sacrifice more for getting less!

Students also face difficulties in making assignments and gathering notes themselves, these lead towards low concentration and fatigue (just because they are not use to of it). They miss their school’s friend circle, their eating breaks, games and their old favorite’s teachers. Traffic jams, buses, long lines for submission and collection of forms, teacher’s rude behaviors, exams anxiety and unwanted independency make students hate their college life. “College is like looking both sides of the road before crossing but you getting hit by airplane”
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